Credit Suisse/Tremont Confirm Aug. Hedge Fund Figures

Sep 15 2009 | 11:09am ET

The Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index has confirmed its August performance, which saw funds rise 1.53% for the month, bringing the index up 11.57% year-to-date.

“August marks the sixth straight month of positive performance for hedge funds as measured by the Broad Index,” said to Oliver Schupp, president of Credit Suisse Index Co. “Convertible arbitrage strategies led the performance among sectors and extended their run of positive performance to eight consecutive months, returning 3.39% in August and 35.58% year-to-date.”

Schupp said that another notable strategy was fixed income arbitrage, which finished up 2.38% for the month as managers took advantage of favorable investment opportunities as a result of the U.S. Treasury’s announced extension of its asset-backed securities loan facility (TALF) program. 


August '09 July '09 YTD '09
Broad Index 1.53% 2.54% 11.57%
Convertible Arbitrage 3.39% 5.80% 35.58%
Dedicated Short Bias -1.69% -7.26% -18.68%
Emerging Markets 1.06% 3.83% 18.79%
Equity Market Neutral 1.31% 1.79% 4.26%
Event Driven 2.17% 2.33% 11.48%
    - Distressed 2.12% 2.25% 11.02%
    - Event Driven Multi-Strategy 2.23% 2.41% 11.79%
    - Risk Arbitrage 0.95% 1.12% 8.53%
Fixed Income Arbitrage 2.38% 3.65% 18.66%
Global Macro 0.86% 1.78% 6.15%
Long/Short Equity 1.42% 2.99% 13.03%
Managed Futures 0.92% -0.43% -6.97%
Multi-Strategy 1.43% 2.99% 17.30%
S&P 500 TRI Index* 3.61% 7.56% 14.97%
Dow Jones World Index* 3.79% 8.61% 21.30%

*Total Return Indices

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