People Moves

TCI's Powers Readies Long/Short Value Hedge Fund

Mar 4 2011 | 12:33pm ET

MSCI Taps New Head Of Risk & Analytical Research

Mar 4 2011 | 11:02am ET

Institutional Manager S. Goldman Unveils First Hedge Fund

Mar 4 2011 | 10:08am ET

Man Moves GLG U.K. Biz. Dev. Chief To Hong Kong

Mar 4 2011 | 9:56am ET

Paulson Nabs Hong Kong Securities License, Hires Three

Mar 3 2011 | 1:54pm ET

Highbridge Loses Euro. Stock Manager Islam

Mar 3 2011 | 1:30pm ET

Paridon CIO Berg Quits

Mar 3 2011 | 12:13pm ET

Reborn Raptor Adds HSBC's Pannes

Mar 3 2011 | 9:53am ET

Chris Ayton Becomes Alternative Investment Group Partner

Mar 2 2011 | 11:01am ET

D.E. Shaw Asia CEO, Ex-Goldman Partner Plan China Private Equity Fund

Mar 2 2011 | 11:00am ET

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Business Insider has been reporting on the unusual trading activity of a mystery trader who placed a profitable short equity bet to the tune of $21 million on the Aug. 10 move in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).