HSBC Pulls Plug On U.S. Hedge Fund Administration

Feb 3 2012 | 1:25am ET

TPG To Borrow $291M To Buy GlobeOp

Feb 3 2012 | 1:20am ET

Admin. Viteos Expands To Singapore

Feb 3 2012 | 1:20am ET

Top London Hedge Fund Lawyers Switch Firms

Feb 2 2012 | 3:50am ET

TPG To Buy Administrator GlobeOp

Feb 1 2012 | 2:20pm ET

London Prime Brokerage To Add Cap. Intro. Services

Jan 30 2012 | 2:36pm ET

GlobeOp Opens Fourth Mumbai Office

Jan 30 2012 | 9:34am ET

Laven Partners Teams With GFIA In Asia

Jan 30 2012 | 8:53am ET

Trinity Fund Administration Opens New York Office

Jan 26 2012 | 9:05am ET

Castle Hall Opens London Office

Jan 25 2012 | 8:16am ET

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Business Insider has been reporting on the unusual trading activity of a mystery trader who placed a profitable short equity bet to the tune of $21 million on the Aug. 10 move in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).